Saturday, September 12, 2015

Givenchy NYFW Spring/Summer 2016

I am not usually one to like neutrals like black and white. Specifically I have a hate hate relationship with the non color black. It does make you look thin but I consider it to be quite bland and harder to express individuality. Givenchy just changed my mind about both black AND white! 

The imagery and structure were so sound and appealing that it has totally shifted the way I see the two go-to's. The play between masculine and feminine were magical and unmistakable. So much so that it became an adventure to wonder what type of look was coming down the runway next. 

The strongest elements of the show were uneven hemlines, inner wear as outer wear, lace, satin, suit coats, and flowing yet strong form. All of these things combined to create a resoundingly great collection. 

Slips worn on the outside of a pant for example was simply genius. A clothing that is 1. Rarely worn these days, and 2. Taboo to wear outside. It is usually worn underneath skirts and is seen as tacky if it's seen. Well, Givenchy hit the mark by combining slips with pants AND suit jackets, AND different textures. It was simply breathtaking!

Stay tuned for more great looks straight from NYFW 2016. 

-The Glamour Gladiator 

All pictures are from Fashion GPS 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Desigual SS16

It was a pleasure to watch the Desigual SS16 NYFW showcase! The brand that I love so much did not disappoint as models strutted down the runway with spunky attitude. Florals with a hint of an edge were the order of the day. 

Ever known to bring the ruckus when it comes to color, this years palette was understated for Desigual. There was much more along the lines of neutral colors and the contrast between black and white. Good old reliable denim reared its head as well. But the Desigual team added modern embellishments and pops of color like only they can. 

You truly got the sense that this collection was about individuality and each persons means of expression. Right down to the models parading around taking selfies with selfie sticks! The Rock n Roll and good times vibe didn't stop at the clothing either. Models nail art of white or cutouts added to the dramatic flair; As did the fabric Mohawks perched upon models heads and purses of varying contrasting colors slung over the shoulders. 

Fun and fashion Glamazons,
-The Glamour Gladiator

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brazen Bombshell

Wearing Enticing, Stealth, and Nymph eye shadows from Brazen Cosmetics

World I have big news: I AM NOW A BRAZEN BOMBSHELL! Whoo whooooo! 

What is a Brazen Bombshell you may ask? I'll start by answering exactly what Brazen is-Brazen is a beauty company that specializes in organic, vegan, long lasting, brown girl friendly cosmetics and body products. I was introduced to Brazen by taking a blogging course headed by its owner, Sandria. 
chose to become a Brazen Bombshell due to Sandria first and the products second. 

Let me explain what I mean by this: Sandria is one of those rare people who actually says what she means and means what she says. The main thing she says is that she believes in female solidarity, friendship, and women helping women; specifically in the business arena. 

Once upon a time there was a scared brown princess named O and one day she wandered into a pink and leopard print palace. She was running from her highest aspirations. O stopped at the pink and leopard palace because it looked like the most gnarly place on the planet. She also paused there to take in the greatest liquid lipstick of all time and sample it (more on that later). You see, although O was running from her highest self she was really in search of some supreme technological guidance and didn't realize it. She was making the hardest decision of her blogger life-Squarespace or Wordpress. 

Lo and behold a blonde fairy beauty godmother with two dogs that were impeccably dressed came to her rescue. The fairy beauty godmother taught her all about beauty blogging and how to be the best technological Queen she could be (O is working on it...). 

IRL that princess (now Queen) is me and Sandria is the fairy beauty godmother. Not only did she help me to (and continues to) build the best blog on the planet Earth, most importantly she believed in me (and still does). She's one of those rare teachers who actually cares about whether or not her students are learning and she learns along the way through helping them. 

Then there's the liquid lip laquer. Oh. My. Sweet. Pink. Mother. Of. Fashion.  This stuff is the bees knees. But only if the bees knees had on fishnet stockings. We are talking SERIOUS staying power! And UBER serious pigment power! I went the entire evening with it on and my lips were moisturized and still had full on color. It's revolutionary! 

Anywhoodle, since I've rocked the products IRL (in real life) AND I believe in the principles of its production, AND the uber awesome-sauce-ness of its founder I've decided to become a Brazen Bombshell and I waited until the onset of NYFW 2016 to share the exciting news! 

Now to the good stuff: Here's a coupon code to be used through NYFW and until the end of the month to celebrate me becoming a Brazen Bombshell:

Happy NYFW 2016 Fashion Gladiators!
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