Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nail Art DIY Fun!

Remember when you couldn't wait to do your nails as a teeny bopper?  When you were oh so excited to learn new things, show off your nails, and change them to match every outfit? Well you can get that excitement back! All you have to do is realize that the power of beauty literally lies in your own hands! You can do it yourself! 

Nail art is a fun way to express your individuality. It's also a great way to celebrate the seasons or any festive occasion, or just show whatever mood you're in. All you have to do it get ready to have some fun and the sky's the nail art limit!

For this look I did one coat of Nailtek. I have very soft and peeling nails. So a good treatment is a must for me. Then two coats of OPI Lucky Lavender on all but the last two digits. On my pinky and ring fingers I did one coat of OPI Sheer Your Toys then topped it with one coat of glitter.  Next I added one large glitter stone to each nail. Then I stopped to think of what kind of mood I was in and decided on being bling-a-licious! So I put rhinestones at the base of my left hand middle finger and loose confetti stars on the ring finger of my right hand. The confetti stars can be purchased at any beauty supply. I did a couple swipes of fuschia and black nail art paint at the tips of each thumb and pointer finger for added drama baby! Yeeees! Next I did one coat of Nailtek as a topcoat. 

For my feet I followed the same steps. But I put the Sheer Your Toys on each third toe. Due to wearing boots and closed toe shoes because it's Winter I opted out of placing any other embellishments on my tootsies. 

See! Easy and fun! Now you're ready to kick off the Winter season with glamour!  

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello Fashionistas!

Fashion Week or MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week), or NYFW (New York Fashion Week) was an experience of a lifetime! I had a grand ball with the team! 

NYFW is like the biggest best-est grown up dress-up party and display. Do you remember when you used to play dress-up as a little girl? Well, MBFW is like dress-up exemplified. There were so many exciting fashions to see. It really seemed like people were in their best costumes that only they could dream up. It felt like a walking, living, breathing closet. Fashion Week during September is THE most exciting time of the year for fashion. Because September is the January of the fashion world. Many of the bloggers and writers are profiled during this wonderful event. Check out the links I've provided below where I was featured.

Yours in Costumed Living,


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beating the Post Holiday Blues

So much for the Freshman 15.  Or was that the Freshman 10?  Who knows, who cares!  What we've got to be concerned about is the Holiday 20!  Have you ever noticed how much 'blues' a woman can undergo after the holidays?  Everyone always talks about how to survive the actual holiday.  But no one ever discusses how to face your image AFTER the holidays.  Here's a step by step guide on how to not only survive, but thrive in the new year.

Facing the Freshman 10

In this case it's the after holiday 'whoa is me's'. The first thing to do is to scale it out.  That's right, it's time to face the music err... numbers.  Time to rip out the old digital scale and measuring tape to determine just how much was gained, and just how much needs to be lost.  Please invest in a digital scale.  The old non digital scales have been shown to be inaccurate.

Setting Weight Loss Goals

Once you've recorded your current weight and measurements it's time to set realistic goals of weight loss.  Note the most important term of the moment: REALISTIC.  This means SAFELY losing the holiday weight that you've put on. Please no fad diets or starvation.  A pallor complexion and loss of energy brought on by improper intake makes for a dull girl... Establish a list of short term and long term goals, and make sure to write them all down.  So that as the time progresses you can check back over your list and make sure you stay on point.

Resolving That You Might Not Keep Your Resolutions...and That's Okay

Let's face it: although we all may have good intentions, we may not always have the follow through to complete our New Years resolutions.  But that's okay!  Because the good news is we are all human and we change as the moments on the clock tick by.  And since we all change our resolutions can change too.  When people make their New Years Resolutions they tend to be very static in their application.  Well, it's time to let in some fun.  And part of the fun is change.  Don't be afraid to let your resolutions shift change as you change.  That way you don't open the fashion closet for disappointment.  Which is the major source of not accomplishing what we've set out to do.

Non Food Rewards

As you progress on shirking your Winter and post holiday what the heck did I do's.  It's important that you reward yourself for each goal you accomplish (see those short term and long term goal lists) with NON food rewards.  This thwarts emotional eating before it starts and keeps us going on our get our resolutions done path!

It's time to feel good about yourself!  And a new year is the perfect time to start forgiving and releasing.  Totally embracing a new you that love, love, loves the you you're in!  This is Otaymah, the Venus baby only bringing the positive... Happy New Year everyone!

Mixi Avenue

Otaymah Bonds
Mixi Avenue Article
December 15, 2013

Sharron Stephens Is a Woman Helping Women by Mixing It Up on the Avenue
One can only imagine just how gut wrenching and frustrating it could be to not be able to feed your own children.  Or, to watch helplessly as one of your loved ones dies from one of the worst diseases known to man, HIV/AIDS.  Sharron Stephens can relate to both of these instances, unfortunately.  These circumstances, and the injustices facing women everywhere is what pushed Stephens to create the company Mixi Avenue.

“What If I Don’t Make It To 51?!”
Stephens was not unlike the average woman before launching Mixi Avenue.  She procrastinated in starting her own business.  Telling herself and her family that she would start her own business as time went by.  More specifically after she reached the age of 51.  Why the age of 51 you may ask?  Because like most Mothers who are busy trying to balance having children, a career, and a healthy marriage.  Sharron was just plain tired and having to juggle such an active life was difficult.  She did what most women do:  She left herself and all of her dreams and aspirations out of the daily picture.
Stephens’ Mother, Janice, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS after having contracted it from a boyfriend.  Mother Janice absolutely loved all things fashion; specifically scarves, jewelry, and accessories.   But there was something Mother Janice loved more than anything.  Her only child Sharron.  Mother Janice continually pushed Sharron to think of herself and to start her own business.  To this prodding Sharron continually replied, “When I get 51 I’ll start by own business!”  But it wasn’t until a chilly night when Stephens jolted awake that realized her mistake and her calling.  “What if I don’t make it to 51?!” Sharron asked herself after just burying her Mother.  And remembering one of their last conversations where her Mother stated just how much she didn’t want to die.  How important it was that she feel as though she finish what she was put on this Earth to do.  Sharron realized that she had not a moment to spare or to waste.  She utilized the grief that she felt and the will to make sure that not only her ambitions, but Mother Janice’s live on.
December 8, 2013 marked the launch of one of the most important philanthropic efforts the Metropolitan Detroit area has seen in decades.  Mixi Avenue, created and owned by Sharron Stephens, officially began at the Southfield Civic Center in Room 221, 26000 Evergreen Road, Southfield, Michigan 48076 at 3pm.  This marks the beginning of an [international] relationship between women in the United States and women in Uganda, West Africa (Ghana), the Philippines, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the good ole’ US of A.

What EXACTLY IS Mixi Avenue?
Essentially Mixi Avenue is an online store that was started by Stephens’ non- profit umbrella company, Be The Link.  Mixi Avenue effectively mixes it up on the Avenue, as the name denotes, by making natural and organic products accessible.  It is like a one stop natural shop.  Mixi Avenue is not unlike an all natural Sephora.   If you need shea butter Mixi has it.  If you need Moringa oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E, WHATEVER your needs may be, Mixi has it!  Mixi strives to, and makes it much easier for the new entrepreneur or products mixer and/or maker to find ONE place to get ALL of the supplies they may need.  Making sure that each product is of the highest quality and comes by the safest and most humanitarian means.
Mixi Avenue helps women from co-ops (such as Global Mamas, Beads for Life, J Edwards International) in underdeveloped areas and countries.  By supplying products from Uganda, Ghana, the Philippines, etc, Mixi Ave. helps women who would otherwise be unable to find employment or feed their children do just that.  Mixi strives to empower women by allowing them the freedom to be themselves and utilize their talents and initiative to not only feed their families.  But, to reach the world!  Thus impacting their countries GDP and GNP, and impacting the world economy. 

Mixi Advice for New Businesses and Beauty
Sharron Stephens is a great example for the world of women to know that it’s never too late to follow your dreams!  As for those who are looking to start a new business Stephens suggests that you remember that listening to yourself and remembering your own dreams can be the most empowering thing that you do; for both your family AND yourself.  She stresses the importance of doing your research, taking your time and building a good business foundation- a business plan, testing out your products on your specific demographic.  But most of all START!

Mixi It Up For the Holidays/Where to Buy Mixi Avenue Products
Mixi Avenue contact and purchasing information is:
And you can follow Mixi Avenue and find out the latest happenings about Mixi Avenue and Mixi products at MixiAvenue on Twitter, and MixiAvenue on Instagram and Facebook.  Or feel free to book a pamper party! Remember, there’s nothing like some all natural in someone’s holiday stocking! ;)

This is Otaymah, the Venus Baby: All things beauty, fashion, and academia.  Let me hip you to the straight up happenings!