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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Streetstyle Saturdays

Chanel-O Fashion Gladiators,

So true story: my friend and I were walking and I saw some fabulously dressed people. I'm talking eccentric, colorful, you name it. They were dressed in ways this fashion persona can RESPECT honey chyle! Stuff I would wear. So I was all like "Hey I love what you're wearing. How did you come up with the concept?" They were like "Ummmm it's an anime convention." Ha! 

Well you know what? I just may be unusual because I would dress like this everyday. Rock it like you like to Gladiators! 

PS it's slurpee day. Get it while it's good!

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Hello to my shadow in this pic. I thought it rocked so I kept it in. Ha! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Introducing Tizkka

Chanel-O Fashion Gladiators,

I am so very pleased to introduce you to Tizkka. So with out further ado Fashion Gladiators this is Tizkka (in my head everyone is like "Hi Tizkka" and Tizkka is all "Hey y'all" back), an uber fun new app that lets you you ask fashion industry insiders and experts what they think of your look. That's right no more writing or emailing a magazine in the hopes that they respond. No more posting on a bloggers site wishing they'd get back to you. 

With Tizkka you can interact with experts in real time! Real time people! Fashion Influencers actually have an amazing response rate on Tizkka-ten minutes or less. Boom fashion advice just like that!

Tizkka began in Latin America then crossed to Brazil and other areas, and now it's branching out to the U.S.  So you can even ask influencers in other parts of the whole entirely world! Can you say fashion savvy in a snap? Well with Tizkka you can! 

Soooo guess who's listed as an expert on Tizkka? ME! 

That's right now you can ask me ANY style question and get an answer in REAL TIME! I am absolutely thrilled to offer any and all help to you lovely Fashion Gladiators! Give Tizkka a go! It's fully downloadable in the App Store. 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Desigual Spring Summer 2015 Review

Hello Fashion Gladiators,

How's the summer treating you?  It's actually October here in Michigan.  Not really but it might as well be since it's only 50 degrees.  Anywhoodle, today we are on to the colorful wonder that is Desigual.  This is my review of one of the pieces from their Spring/Summer collection.  If you remember I did a review of Desigual and my first impression (and overwhelming happiness) when I initially received my clothing package.  If you have not seen that review you can see it here: http://youtu.be/UErajSYkQMU

Alrighty let's get started with this review! I must say that I was quite pleasantly surprised with the material of the dress that I chose to put on and how well it wore.  I was not sure if Desigual would be like other clothing companies that have such lack of understanding in terms of how material feels and how it is supposed to move WITH you and not AGAINST you.  Sometimes you can get an article of clothing that seems to fight your every movement and that doesn't allow you to move freely; the fabric may be to stiff or have too much give and shift much too often.  The dress I wore not only allowed for ease of movement, it also breathed extremely well.  This was very important because I'm a sparkler (I don't sweat, I sparkle).  

I was also rather impressed with how true to form the dress was in real life.  Often times you can order something online and it looks NOTHING like the pics you saw online once you actually get it open and let's not even talk about what it looks like ON you.  Eeek! It can look like some kind of bad science experiment that you just can't wait to return to that from whence it came.  This was not the case with Desigual.  The patterns and tailoring looked exactly like it did online. The material was smooth to the touch and didn't catch on my jewelry or the articles I wore underneath it (petticoat anyone? YES!).  Most importantly the color was just as vibrant in person as it was on the internet.  

Overall I will say that I give this dress four and 3/4 stilettos out of 5.  I took off 1/4 of a stiletto because there a ribbon issue.  The dress came with a red ribbon as embellishment or to use as a belt around the waist.  True story:  I got dressed and just could not find that darn ribbon!  I looked high and low and I kept thinking "I know there was a red ribbon that was on this dress!"  Well, I wore the dress to a performance and 50th birthday party.  So needless to say I moved around in it all night.  At around the middle of the night I felt something tickle my leg.  At first I thought it was a mosquito but no, it was the ribbon!  It had gone on an adventure all the way down my dress to my leg (inside the dress no less = priceless)!  I got the ribbon out and promptly tied it around my waist thinking,  "I knew there was a ribbon!"  Next time Desigual may want to think about securing the ribbon to the dress somehow or simply leaving it off.  After all the dress looked absolutely amazing without it.  But I will say this:  That ribbon survived a long night and still lived to tell the dress tell.  I love little pretty touches like ribbons, they just have to be practical in use and form.  

If you are interested in purchasing any of the oh-so-fab and colorful clothing from Desigual follow this link: http://www.desigual.com/en_US/collections/new/

Have you worn any of the new Desigual Spring/Summer collection?  What are your thoughts?

As always, fun and fashion Gladiators!
-Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

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