Friday, January 23, 2015


A lot of people believe in only getting pedicures (pedi's) during the warmer months and especially in the Summer. I am not one of those people! Pedicures are key to your feet's hygiene. Thus they should be done throughout the year. 

I know that people feel like pedicures are frivolous and only done for looks or 'show and tell' but pedi's are essential for getting out any dead skin that may have collected along the cuticle of the toe, getting out possible ingrown nails, and sloughing dead skin on the foot, etc. And please note that it is NOT only a feminine thing to get pedicures! Men can and should get regular pedicures to enjoy optimal foot health as well! For example in this weeks post my good friend (and brother) Leo is in my pedi selfie because we actually went to get our feet done together! 

Cheers and pedi's!

Definition of a THOT

What exactly is a THOT you may be wondering. The exact definition of a THOT is that ho over there. But the full definition of a THOT means so much more than that. The basic premise of a THOT is someone who is trifling, living off the system, extremely promiscuous, basic, or just doesn't care about their life or their appearance. They may do or say things that can be seen as offensive and they do not adhere to social norms. 
You may also hear phrases like 'that THOT life', 'she is so THOT ish', and etc. So not only can one person be a THOT, basically THOTs have a totally different mindset and lifestyle. 

Ramifications of the THOT-ful way of thinking and definition: It is extremely interesting that the phrase THOT even exists today. It's basically just another way of calling a woman a whore. So here we go again with the tired and overused labels used to describe women's sexuality while paying absolutely no attention to men's sexuality or the things they do. It is the year 2015 and society is STILL coming up with misogynistic terms for women? Come on! Aren't we all a little tired of the whole Madonna vs the Whore struggle? I know I am! 

Why is it that men are never labeled in terms of sex? Why are there a zillion words for every part of a woman's anatomy but few for men? Are we STILL here people? Yet some argue that the double standard no longer stands or applies or that sexism is dead, or worse still-that women are overly sensitive to the stereotypes thrust upon them. As far as MY role is concerned I am not going to ever call a woman a THOT. I am tired of the overuse of sexist terms pertaining to women. It's discriminant, downplays women's sexual power, and it's always negative. Either way it's a lose-lose situation for women. So I'm going to learn from my counterparts, ye good old men, and support my sex; and stand by other women by NOT calling them a THOT; no matter the behavior!