Friday, March 20, 2015

Miko Events and Designs

Hey Glamazons!

Miko of Miko Events and Designs has been designing spectacular events and fashions for over seven years. Her business is Detroit based and she exudes Detroit pride! Here is the article I wrote about her business for 
Female entrepreneurs rock! 

Till next time Glamazons. 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brazen Cosmetics Lipgloss Giveaway

Hey there Glamazons!

Have you ever wanted lipgloss that delivered incredible shine but used sensitive skin friendly ingredients, yet has vivid pigment? Well Brazen Cosmetics has the lipgloss for YOU! Right now you can enter our giveaway for a free lipgloss from Brazen Cosmetics! That's right it's F-R-E-E! Head to to enter! 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Erin Lasharr for

Hello Glamazons!

Detroit's female entrepreneurs have the game on lock! This is Ms. Erin Lasharr-nail artist extrodinaire.  Here is the link to the article I wrote on her for If you need your nail game upgraded just book an appointment.  And please don' forget to subscribe to my blog and articles for all the Detroit fashion news! 

Fun and Fashion,

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Saturday, March 7, 2015


YouTube has launched a new #DearMe campaign. The campaign is geared at teenagers who may be uncomfortable with who they are. When you're a teen it can seem like the end of the world if someone doesn't like you or if you don't do things just right. With all the bullying and suicides happening right now it makes campaigns like #DearMe so relevant and so necessary. 

For all the teens and children not feeling pretty or perfect or feeling like they need to take their own lives I say this... Hang in there! It's not worth it! It most definitely gets better! Where you are right now is light years from where you're gonna be, the astoundingly great person you're gonna be. So just stick around and see yourself grow and life unfold. It's gonna be grand-tastic! 

If you'd like to add your contribution to the #DearMe campaign go to 

Here's my #DearMe GIF: 

I'd tell my younger self to be the brazen beautiful eccentric person you are! You're gonna be totes rad later! ☺️😉😜

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fashion Decode March 2015

Hey Glamazons!

The March issue of Fashion Decode is up! Go to to read the full issue. Here are the links to my articles within the issue: 

Marihorn is a totally rad-tastic company out of Taiwan that I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing. The best part is they not only modernized 50's fashion... THEY BELIEVE IN UNICORNS! And they use images of unicorns in their fashions. Rad right? I know. I know! 

Rebirth Yourself
This article is all about the sheer power of personal will. 

The pictures for both articles are amazing and the Fashion Decode website itself is extremely visually pleasing. So check it out! 

Fun and fashion,

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