Friday, February 27, 2015

Eat Clean: Easy Cabbage Salad Recipe

Hey Glamazons! 

Cabbage is so good for you but it can be kind of difficult to find innovative ways to eat it. Lo and behold my new cabbage salad! This recipe is oh so easy and quick to make. It is also absolutely scrumptious! Who knew cabbage could taste so good? Meeeeeee!


4 teaspoons Bragg apple cider vinegar 

Pinch of salt (to taste)

One head of cabbage

Handful of raw pine nuts 

1 tablespoon of honey (to taste) 

2 tablespoons of olive oil 


1. Shred cabbage

2. Add pine nuts 

3. Add olive oil

4. Add honey

5. Add salt 

6. Add Bragg Apple cider vinegar 

7. Stir all ingredients and you're dunzo! 

So quick, so easy, so good, and so good for you! 

Later Glamazons,

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Valentines Day Aftermath

Hello glamazons! 

So what do you do with all those leftover roses and flowers that you got for Valentines Day? Easy-peazy! You make a luxury bath in the style of Cleopatra.

You can even add some essential oils so the bath is specialized to you and what you're feeling at the moment. Nothing like some aromatherapy to dispel to rigors of life! Side note: Yes, I do have a light up rubber sucky in there. Her name is Duckie Fabuloso and she glows in an array of colors. And I love her rubber duck soul. No, I am not ashamed of this. 

Fun and fashion,

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NYFW2015 Vivienne Tam

Chinoiserie was the theme and girl did Vivienne Tam do it justice! There was a wonderfully romantic feel to the clothes. Necklines were high and mighty making one feel like they were in the middle of Victorian times. Once again the colors were red and blue. I especially loved the full and slightly billowy shirt sleeves and high shoulders of the jackets. Again we see lots of sheer fabrics used on lovely evening gowns. 

All images by Jane Kratochvil. 

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NYFW15: David Tlale

The collection by David Tlale can be summed up in two words: Tyson Beckford. No! Focus! 

David Tlale proved why he is a NYFW mainstay in two words: great work. The show clearly illustrated its three themes: black and leather, swirl and motif, neutrals. The black and leather section featured lots of sheer fabric, uneven hemlines, and fur. While the motif section made excellent use of fitted jackets and flowing fabrics. You would expect the neutral section to have been drab and boring; not David Tlale's work. Instead we saw neutrals pop with fine tailoring and incredible structure. And we saw the reemergence of harem pants (YAAAAAAS! I love harem pants! Please see the pics of me sporting them at NYFW 2014). 

It was awesome to see a designer of color and models of color at MBFW! Models Tyson Beckford, Nykhor Paul, Aamito Stacie Lagum, and Diandra Forrest all graced the catwalk!

All images are by Marisa Marston. 

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NYFW2015: Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier took us all back to the 70's, 80's, AND 20's in her Fall/Winter collection. How was she able to mesh all those decades into one collection you may ask? By making her muse for this year Kate Moss that's how!

Silky satin and opulent sequins marked the stage as models stalked down the runway. Once again we see the use of jewel tones and creative leg wear in the form of beaded stockings. Those should be fun to wear this season! How great will it be to be warm yet wonderfully fashionable? Awesomeness!

A stunning and jaw dropping gold evening gown was only one of the beautiful dresses shown. Models were clad in very fitted dresses using dense beading as well. Models wore the classic nude lip paired with a smoky eye to perfectly finish off the looks. 

All pictures by Marisa Marston. 

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

NYFW2015 Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffmans NYFW Fall/Winter collection made you glad that someone finally produced Winter worthy clothes! There is no frou-frou here folks. We are talking serious clothing that allows you to bundle up but still be fashionable. As everyone knows it can be quite a challenge to be chic while sheltering yourself from the cold. 

Hoffman made costume magic with the use of graphic prints. The clothing was accented by long over the knee boots. Once again peek-a-boo sheer fabrics appeared as did pantsuits. It's safe to say that pantsuits are officially in. 

The Glamour Gladiator brings all fashion every-thang straight you! 

All images by Marina Marston. 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Desigual NYFW 2015 Fall/Winter

The best thing about Desigual is color and besides that the best thing is consistency. You can definitely count on Desigual to deliver color no matter the season and this Fall/Winter collection is no different! Models literally bounced down the runway all smiles wearing Winter hats with big and brightly colored balls. Hair was oh-so-natural and curly-perfect for the natural hair movement happening right now! And the Dove #loveyourhair campaign. I for one was over the moon to see models' hair that actually looked like mine! Oh how far we've come! A runway full of big curls! The naturalista AND fashionista in me are so excited!

The clothing for this collection was just as  praise worthy. Models were cloaked in silks and plush velvet-what a range of fabrics for the Winter time! What opulence! Flower patterned pantsuits and brightly patterned Winter coats were favorites. It is so nice to see color on the runway for Winter! 

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All images by Marina Marston. 

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NYFW Fall\Winter 2015 Rachel Antonoff

Rachel Antonoff pulled out all the stops for her NYFW collection. The fashion forward were brought back to old school with Antonoff's Science Fair themed show! Models stood in front of giant cardboard looking sets with science experiment explanations on them. As well as having their experiments on tables in front of them. Like the volcano experiment two models shared. Who hasn't done an experiment with volcanos? Totally awesome-sauce!!!!! How ingenious to use a Science Fair theme while displaying A-line plaid and A-line navy blue skirts that look like a school uniform! Skirts were paired with lettered sweaters like the one that read 'Seymour pussy'. He he he *smirk*. 

Light button down shirt dresses made their appearance in the collection, as did maxi dresses with flower patterns. However it was tulips that took the center stage in the flower pattern. How refreshing to see! Lips were berry kissed and full and hair was Spring Break fresh off the beach wavy. Aaaaand there was oh-so-fabulous nail art-reverse French manicures using red and white with little blue dots in the center bottom of each nail. 

All pictures by Janet Kratochvil. 

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