Saturday, June 27, 2015

Streetstyle Saturday's

Hello Fashion Gladiators,

This weeks Streetstyle Saturdays edition is featuring a dynamic mother daughter duo. They are serving some true sporty chic and representing my alma mater, the University of Michigan. So you KNOW I had to showcase their fabulous looks! Yaaas honey yas! 

It's actually really difficult to determine who is the daughter and who is the mother because both look so radiantly beautiful. Check the yellow shoes to match the outfit and add that pop of color. Can you say committed to the look? Plus the sneakers are Air Ones. Yes! 

Ps sisters hair way LAAAAAID! 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale

Attention Fashion Gladiators!

It is officially that wonderful time of the year! No I'm not talking Christmas... It's Bath and Body Works semi annual sale!!!!  Why is this time of year so special? Why because you can stock up on all your favorite toiletries at only a fraction of the cost of course! 

Check out my haul from this years sale:

All these goodies cost me only 1/4 of what they would've cost if I had paid full price. Keep in mind that I am a savvy coupon warrior! So I saved the glorious coupons I had and used them ON TOP OF THE ALREADY INORDINATELY CHEAPER PRICES for semi annual! Pure genius for pure beauty. Yaaaaaaaas! 

Hurry and get your stache now Gladiators because the Bath and Body Works semi annual sale ends soon! 

Later Gladiators,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Street Style Saturday's: Laura

Hello Fashion Gladiators, 

This weeks Street Style Saturday's look is brought to you from Laura! I spotted this spunky ensemble while she and I were shopping at Kroger. I turned to buy my produce to make my green smoothie and lo and behold-mixed neutrals done in a fresh and exciting way! 

Ps check the shoes! 

Fashion and fun,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nail Art History

Hello Fashion Gladiators,

How are we all doing at this onset of summer? Great I hope! Well I sure am doing fab! It's that time my lovelies... Nail polish in fantastic shades because it's summer time er...time! That's right, it's time for switching those shades to bright and colorful hues enhanced with some great nail art. 

Ever wonder how it came to be that we evolved from simple nail laquer to full on blinged out nail art? My newest article for YouQueen Magazine ( will explain how nails went from only the elite to rhinestone paradise:

Cheers to the start of summer! 
-Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Obeah for Fashion Decode Magazine

Hey Fashion Gladiators,

Nothing says more about a person than their personal scent. While we all have pheromones and omit a naturally alluring smell it is still the ultimate in seduction and fashion to have a signature scent. You can also be the type of person where your signature is wearing a variety of scents (like me). Either way, no other sense is as misunderstood yet as necessary as smell and nothing says more about you than your scent. With summer FINALLY in swing it's time to investigate just what your scent profile is and plunge into new scent territory. Fragrance creators like Obeah can help with that and luckily I've written an article for Fashion Decode Magazine that will shed some light on the sublime nature of scent:

What's YOUR favorite scent? Do you change smells based on the season? Do you like a variety of fragrances and aren't prone to wearing one solitary smell? Share your thoughts on all things smelly with me Fashion Gladiators! I always welcome your thoughts! 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

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Introducing Streetstyle Saturdays

Hey-low Fashion Gladiators!

Ya know what Glamazons? Not all great fashion happens on the runway. There is a lot of totally tubular threads showing right on the streets! Did you know that most designers actually get their inspiration from people on the streets? Thats riiiiiiight! Street fashion IS fashion. It's like Chanel said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

Going forward I'm going to institute Streetstyle Saturdays. In my travels I've come across quite a great display of dress and it's only right to show the world the people in all their peacocking glory! Isn't life fabulous? Well, I'd like to show those who put their best leg forward. Streetstyle Saturdays aren't just about clothing; it's about beautiful nails and skin too, all things beauty, fun, and life! Let's get outrageous and courageous Fashion Gladiators! 

The sister whose sassy style we start Streetstyle Saturdays with is named Denise. I met her on my way to Columbus Ohio. She is such a great character because her spunk and joie de vivre can be felt across the room. It's only right that her nails match her outgoing personality!  

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah The Glamour Gladiator

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History of Denim

Denim History Decoded 

Hello Fashion Gladiators,

Are you confused as to just why and how denim came to be such a staple item in everyone's wardrobe? Well, wonder no more! My denim article for Fashion Decode will help you understand how the  jeans you are rocking came to be a dress classic:

As always please feel free to drop a comment and let me know how YOU feel about denim? Are you a jeans and a t-shirt type of girl? Share your views and why this look is your go-to. 

Fun and fashion, 
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summertime Love

Lingerie and Aphrodisiacs

Hello Fashion Gladiators,

Nothing says it's Summer like that shift in the air. I don't know what it is but it seems like even the birds know when it's time to be a little more open to romance. Everything just feels more magical in the summertime. 

You really do need to make sure your setting matches your mood when trying to create the ultimate atmosphere. In the interview I did for The Lingerie Journal Caitlyn, the owner of Bougie Berries, gives us the ultimate key to how to enhance and cultivate that special moment! Read on to discover her romantic setting guru secrets. Oooooo Ahhhhh!

Have fun in the sun Gladiators,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 


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Monday, June 8, 2015

Five Primers That Will Make Your Summer Makeup Stay Put

Hellllllo Glamazons,

Okay so... Don't you hate it when you go to all the trouble of refreshing your lipstick after dinner only to get through a couple drinks during dessert and then it's gone? I do! Wouldn't it be so awesome-sauce to know about an oh so fab lip primer? Is there even a such thing AS as a lip primer? Yes my lovelies, it IS! 

The article I've written for not only fills you in on the best facial primer; we get at you with primers you may have never even heard of my girl! That way your entire face is covered and ready for a close-up selfie whenever you are. 

Just press your pretty finger here to get to the latest beauty dish:

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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7 Black Owned Nail Brands to Know

Hey Glamazons!

I'm sharing a fantastic story I wrote for today: 7 Black Owned Nail Brands to Know. You can read the article if you click on this link:

It's the Summer season and it's time to be hot-to-Mani-Pedi-trot! Have you ever thought that it would be interesting to see if there were any black owned nail companies? Well surprise, there are! What a refreshing and fantastic surprise! Ikr! I was so happy to write this article because not only are the brands great but each woman's story and how they created the brand(s) is awesome too! 

Now that you are in the black beauty know get out there and get those talons all done up! It's time for the beach and fun in the sun and it's only fitting that your manicure and pedicure be frolick ready. 

Fun and fashion,
The Glamour Gladiator

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Desigual Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Howdy Glamazons!

How are you all enjoying this fabulous Summer weather? It's nice to be outside and reveling in the glorious sun as we all kick-off our hot weather antics. It's even more important to be chic while trying to keep cool. I mean, you've gotta be fly for all the pool parties, barbecues, outdoor mall walking, and general gatherings! Nothing says Summer chic like some fresh digs from Desigual! Known for its fresh and innovative take on color Desigual does not disappoint with its latest collection. 

As you know Desigual is offering The Glamour Gladiator readers 10% off purchases made using this link: Hurry because the discount ends June 8th! 

Well, I was coming home the other day and what was sitting at my door in all its colorful packaging glory? My haul from Desigual! Yaaaaaaaaaas! I was so excited that I tore off the packaging and tried on the prettiest blue dress in a matter of seconds. Since I can't get to the sea right now Desigual brought the sea to me. My first impression of the collection can be viewed here:

Thus far I am more than pleased with what I see from Desigual this season. I am especially in love with how they are really delving into pattern mixing in such a fresh and modern way-they are mixing various prints on the same article of clothing. Gotta love it! It's the perfect way to try pattern mixing in a no fail way! So those of you who were once tentative about pattern mixing fear not! The Glamour Gladiator and Desigual have your back! 

The main reason I love Desigual is because in a day and age where black and white still reign supreme they are unleashing full-on-color! I'm talking unabashed spectrums of goodness. This is one company that caters to those of us who are tired of constantly following fashion trends and what 'they' say we should wear. Desigual is perfect for color junkies! (Like me) 

Stay tuned for my takes on each outfit in my haul and my impressions after wearing the collection pieces. And please head to and cop your own pieces! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think and what your experiences are. I ALWAYS welcome input! 

Fun and fashion,
The Glamour Gladiator 

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