Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

It's always so wonderful to see how each person celebrates the holidays! It's fun to witness all the unique ways this time is expressed. Most people top their tree with a star. Mine is topped with a #fabulous tiara! Happy holidays to you and yours and may you enjoy it the best way for you!
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a beautiful holiday! #theglamourgladiator #thanksgivingnails #shellac #coffinnails #ballerinanails #notd #otaymah #sweetpotatopie 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Happenings


It's been one busy week in Bloggerville here! Whew! This is Halloween weekend fun gladiators!!! Yaaaaay and on to the sparkly fun. I hope you all have a festive fall blast! In honor of this, one of my favorite holidays, I am packing in a posting punch with today's post. It's all about Halloween happenings. Take this beautiful life journey moment with me:

This week I received shipments from Bare Necessities lingerie and other great companies. I had no idea who it was from and the packaging itself was so gorge that I was positively convelling when I opened it: 

Isn't that just the best business savvy you've seen all year? Talk about a power punch! Personalized notes! Gotta love it! GOTTA LOVE IT! ❤️

What lay inside? These perfectly labeled confections:

Goody gumdrops I've died and gone to lingerie heaven. I tell you my dynamic duo (that's what I call my luscious pair) are anticipating the pink and lace support these bras stand to offer. Yes magenta, I'm tickled pink! Stay tuned for the review of the products. 

This week also ushered in a new brand correspondent role for me as part of the Elf Cosmetics Beauty Squad. Ironic this is, my good friend was just telling me I should try the fabulous products when the company contacted me asking me if I wanted to be a part of the Beauty Squad. I thought, "Why not?" It could be a whirlwind of a beauty adventure! Stay tuned for the review... 

I'm big into themed nails and this year is no different. I see Halloween as the most fun holiday and thought I'd add some Dahk-ness to the brew Dah-lings. So this year I've done a black coffin nail with a hint of multi color glitter for that extra little sparkly love. All products by OPI. 

Hold on now, wait for the coup de grat... 

Heeeey and kaboom! Matching pedi with the different color pumpkins no less! Won't she do it? 

This weeks Saturday Streetstyle goes to a lovely woman I saw while shopping for organic goods at Kroger. Yes Kroger sells organic foods. Ps yesterday was dashiki day, and I felt this spoke to African heritage well as a total well put together ensemble. 

Please note the gold. Ahem! #jotd (jewelry of the day)

But! Because it's Halloween I'm featuring another Streetstyle: 

Harajuku!!!! Goodness love em and bless their always dressing up fashion hearts! I spotted this crew out and about at the DIA while I was reviewing my Desigual scarf. Bless my always fashionable heart too. Please note the good sequined purse matches perfectly to the gold sequin shoes (we actually ARE in Kansas. Just kidding Toto. Ps if I had a Toto today it would be dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween. IJS.) 

Lastly, I'm going as a black Rosie the Riveter this year for Halloween. I won Miss Pin Up Perfection 2015 this year and just participated in the winning of and making the Guiness World Record for the most Rosie's at Willow Run Airport last week. So in keeping with the we were Rosie's spirit and dressing up, I'm going as good ole Rosie for Halloween (wearing my elf cosmetics for review). Yay! Stay tuned for the post on that ridiculously fun event. A lot of stay tuned's this post. Soooo just stay tuned for the stay tuned's... Er what's to come. Ha! 

I hope you have a great and safe holiday gladiators! 🎃
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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Thursday, October 29, 2015


Chanel-O Gladiators!

Ok, ok, ok, ok. Ok! I have a confession to make. Ahem! Just let me get a sip of my Fiji water out my pink queen chalice first... I'M IN LOVE WITH NAILS!!! I just had to shout it from the beauty mountaintop! 

I've always loved nails and made sure to keep mine polished. But, it's not just a matter of looks to me; it's about hygiene and grooming. Once upon a time my nails were long and strong, yet they peeled. I would just put a nail strenghtener on them like OPI Nail Envy and go about my merry way. Well, at some point my nails started to rebel and fall off. Literally. I believe this was due to hormonal inflections as a result of taking the pill. That thing did me NO favors and I'm totally against it today... 

Anywhoodle, polish started to peel or pop off like the old tinker bell polish back in the day the kids used. I'd always had an issue with the polish cracking (resembling the new crackle craze but unintentional) but this was ridiculous! As soon as I'd polish my nails the polish would come right off. I'd spend hours doing fabulous nail art only for them to be dunzo in a matter of hours. Or even seconds. 

Along with this rapid polish loss came excessive peeling. To the point where the layers of my nails had deteriorated and it hurt. I tried everything from OPI and Nailtiques to all natural products and nothing worked. Then I discovered gel nails. Or, should I say re-discovered them. My cousin has always been a die hard nail lover and she used to urge me to utilize tips due to the issues I've always had with weak nails while having an avid love of length and color. I have a beautiful long nailbed that curves. Unfortunately the curve means that nails are prone to break right at the curve point. 

Thus, I decided to give it one more whirl and a beauty star was born. ME! I've had some issues with tips and other things, which I'll share later but for the most part tips have changed my life. I mean it. They enhance my sense of beauty and give me my long sought after glamorous nails with as much length as I want. So while some condemn fake nails or say a naturalista that's a true naturalista wouldn't use them (yes someone told me this) please know that for some of us it's not a matter of a want; it's a need. Otherwise we might not be able to have groomed hands and nails. 

Sooooo I invite you to come on my nail journey with me. As I reclaim my nail love and power of iki. I'll get to more on that later... Let's see some nail sights and go on some nail adventures. I'll start with today NOTD or nails of the day. I've recently discovered shellac or gel nails and changed my nail shape to coffin nails just in time for Halloween. Although these nails I'm showing today are for during the month of October. Stay tuned for my actual Halloween nails. Oooo ahhhh.  

Later fun gladiators,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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I never get my nails done without getting my feet done. Never have, never will. A cared for tootsie is a must! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Desigual Accessories


I'll bet you didn't know that the uber fun and colorful brand I love so much with all my sparkly heart, Desigual, has great accessories did you? Well fashion honey, sweetie, chyle they DO! And I'm here to let you know that. They. Are. Wonderful. That's right shuga, just as wonderful as their clothes! 

Behold the scarf that was sent to me from the brand: 

I have one thing to say: Cirque. Du. Soleil. Period. This scarf was inspired by the riveting circus and it's color combinations speak to that. Cirque is known for its daring acts and brilliant costuming and makeup. Well dumplings Desigual did not disappoint with its rendition of the uber artistic circus. 

This scarf is not only full of color, it's full of eye popping effects. Just like its inspiration. Let's take another look:

And another: 

Look at those bright colors fashionistas! I do declare this a fashion victory. I'm giving this accessory four and three-quarter stiletto nails. Why? You may ask... First just look at all the colors that Desigual has managed to harmoniously get into this one scarf! It's a color power punch! You can literally wear it with anything. Secondly, there are 3-D accents that run throughout the scarf, acting as a superb embellishment. Fourth, er, no, third (yes, I can count. I was just a bit excited) is the feel of the fabric. 

One of the things I absolutely love about Desigual is its use of texture. The gold seems almost like a foil, while the scarf itself feels luxe. Like 300 thread count cotton against the skin on a lazy hazy Sunday morning. Yummy! That's right fashion gladiators, Desigual managed to effectively fuze different textures into one piece while making it affordable AND wearable. Brava!

I DID deduct one quarter of a stiletto for its one and only fashion faux pas: the beading could've been more secure. By the end of the day I'd lost one and my little fashion soul was almost crushed. I hate losing things! Especially accents on clothing. is the place to go for uber cute yet affordable digs. So make sure you goooooo gladiators and shop on! I'm going to 😉 

Where did I wear this fabulous yet comfy ensemble? Why, to the historic Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) of course! I thought it fitting to wear my fun find there because Frida spoke Spanish and Desigual is a Spanish brand. Although Frida was from Mexico. It's still utilizing Spanish people! 

Also, it was just awesome to experience and there had been no exhibit featuring Frida and her beloved Diego since he painted the famous murals that still reside at the DIA. I just had to go since I love Kahlo's work and admire her as a woman. Plus it allowed me to practice my Spanish. 

I ran into a group on Harajuku ANNND another Desigual wearer/lover while I was there. Awesome-sauce right? See the pics below... 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 
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Cool huh? 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rosie Red Alert

Chanel-O Fashion Gladiators,

I'm calling all Rosie's! It's time to help save the historic Willow Run Airport AND set the new Guinness world record for the most Rosie's! We. Can. Do. This. This event will work to restore the factory and airport so that it won't be torn down. Instead it will be turned into a national gem and serve as the new Yankee Air Museum. 

The Willow Run site is where the actual Riveters worked during WWII. We can't let this building get torn down because that would mean losing a part of our her-story! Join me in the fight like Rosie would! I'll be volunteering as a registrar for the event. 

Please visit the event here and register : 
Facebook(to get information but this is NOT for registration!)

Let's come together for the sake of history and have some fun! 

Can't wait to see you there! 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah The Glamour Gladiator 

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Contributor for The Lingerie Journal

Great news Fashion Gladiators... As of October 9, 2015 I am officially a contributor/writer for The Lingerie Journal! Celebrate with me by glancing at my latest article: History and Magic of Garters and Garter Belts

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah The Glamour Gladiator 

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Fashion

Hello Fashion Gladiators!

It's been a little off and on while I've been obsessively researching which interface to utilize (the w's) but I figured I might as well keep at it until it's time to switch. What better way to get back into the groove than to embrace a new season-of fashion and of weather. 

It's officially Fall. I know this may mean long faces for some and bright faces for others. For me it means sweaters, awesome leg warmers (the love of my life in cold weather), capes, beautiful shawls, boots, and the like. I thought I'd usher in the season by posting my first official Autumn #ootd (outfit of the day) complete with all the cool weather things I love. Can anyone say capes and leg warmers? Gotta love it! You've just got to! I hope that the crisp weather brings you lots of cuddles and awesome fashion-capades. 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Givenchy NYFW Spring/Summer 2016

I am not usually one to like neutrals like black and white. Specifically I have a hate hate relationship with the non color black. It does make you look thin but I consider it to be quite bland and harder to express individuality. Givenchy just changed my mind about both black AND white! 

The imagery and structure were so sound and appealing that it has totally shifted the way I see the two go-to's. The play between masculine and feminine were magical and unmistakable. So much so that it became an adventure to wonder what type of look was coming down the runway next. 

The strongest elements of the show were uneven hemlines, inner wear as outer wear, lace, satin, suit coats, and flowing yet strong form. All of these things combined to create a resoundingly great collection. 

Slips worn on the outside of a pant for example was simply genius. A clothing that is 1. Rarely worn these days, and 2. Taboo to wear outside. It is usually worn underneath skirts and is seen as tacky if it's seen. Well, Givenchy hit the mark by combining slips with pants AND suit jackets, AND different textures. It was simply breathtaking!

Stay tuned for more great looks straight from NYFW 2016. 

-The Glamour Gladiator 

All pictures are from Fashion GPS 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Desigual SS16

It was a pleasure to watch the Desigual SS16 NYFW showcase! The brand that I love so much did not disappoint as models strutted down the runway with spunky attitude. Florals with a hint of an edge were the order of the day. 

Ever known to bring the ruckus when it comes to color, this years palette was understated for Desigual. There was much more along the lines of neutral colors and the contrast between black and white. Good old reliable denim reared its head as well. But the Desigual team added modern embellishments and pops of color like only they can. 

You truly got the sense that this collection was about individuality and each persons means of expression. Right down to the models parading around taking selfies with selfie sticks! The Rock n Roll and good times vibe didn't stop at the clothing either. Models nail art of white or cutouts added to the dramatic flair; As did the fabric Mohawks perched upon models heads and purses of varying contrasting colors slung over the shoulders. 

Fun and fashion Glamazons,
-The Glamour Gladiator

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brazen Bombshell

Wearing Enticing, Stealth, and Nymph eye shadows from Brazen Cosmetics

World I have big news: I AM NOW A BRAZEN BOMBSHELL! Whoo whooooo! 

What is a Brazen Bombshell you may ask? I'll start by answering exactly what Brazen is-Brazen is a beauty company that specializes in organic, vegan, long lasting, brown girl friendly cosmetics and body products. I was introduced to Brazen by taking a blogging course headed by its owner, Sandria. 
chose to become a Brazen Bombshell due to Sandria first and the products second. 

Let me explain what I mean by this: Sandria is one of those rare people who actually says what she means and means what she says. The main thing she says is that she believes in female solidarity, friendship, and women helping women; specifically in the business arena. 

Once upon a time there was a scared brown princess named O and one day she wandered into a pink and leopard print palace. She was running from her highest aspirations. O stopped at the pink and leopard palace because it looked like the most gnarly place on the planet. She also paused there to take in the greatest liquid lipstick of all time and sample it (more on that later). You see, although O was running from her highest self she was really in search of some supreme technological guidance and didn't realize it. She was making the hardest decision of her blogger life-Squarespace or Wordpress. 

Lo and behold a blonde fairy beauty godmother with two dogs that were impeccably dressed came to her rescue. The fairy beauty godmother taught her all about beauty blogging and how to be the best technological Queen she could be (O is working on it...). 

IRL that princess (now Queen) is me and Sandria is the fairy beauty godmother. Not only did she help me to (and continues to) build the best blog on the planet Earth, most importantly she believed in me (and still does). She's one of those rare teachers who actually cares about whether or not her students are learning and she learns along the way through helping them. 

Then there's the liquid lip laquer. Oh. My. Sweet. Pink. Mother. Of. Fashion.  This stuff is the bees knees. But only if the bees knees had on fishnet stockings. We are talking SERIOUS staying power! And UBER serious pigment power! I went the entire evening with it on and my lips were moisturized and still had full on color. It's revolutionary! 

Anywhoodle, since I've rocked the products IRL (in real life) AND I believe in the principles of its production, AND the uber awesome-sauce-ness of its founder I've decided to become a Brazen Bombshell and I waited until the onset of NYFW 2016 to share the exciting news! 

Now to the good stuff: Here's a coupon code to be used through NYFW and until the end of the month to celebrate me becoming a Brazen Bombshell:

Happy NYFW 2016 Fashion Gladiators!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Streetstyle Saturdays

Chanel-O Fashion Gladiators,

So true story: my friend and I were walking and I saw some fabulously dressed people. I'm talking eccentric, colorful, you name it. They were dressed in ways this fashion persona can RESPECT honey chyle! Stuff I would wear. So I was all like "Hey I love what you're wearing. How did you come up with the concept?" They were like "Ummmm it's an anime convention." Ha! 

Well you know what? I just may be unusual because I would dress like this everyday. Rock it like you like to Gladiators! 

PS it's slurpee day. Get it while it's good!

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Hello to my shadow in this pic. I thought it rocked so I kept it in. Ha! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Introducing Tizkka

Chanel-O Fashion Gladiators,

I am so very pleased to introduce you to Tizkka. So with out further ado Fashion Gladiators this is Tizkka (in my head everyone is like "Hi Tizkka" and Tizkka is all "Hey y'all" back), an uber fun new app that lets you you ask fashion industry insiders and experts what they think of your look. That's right no more writing or emailing a magazine in the hopes that they respond. No more posting on a bloggers site wishing they'd get back to you. 

With Tizkka you can interact with experts in real time! Real time people! Fashion Influencers actually have an amazing response rate on Tizkka-ten minutes or less. Boom fashion advice just like that!

Tizkka began in Latin America then crossed to Brazil and other areas, and now it's branching out to the U.S.  So you can even ask influencers in other parts of the whole entirely world! Can you say fashion savvy in a snap? Well with Tizkka you can! 

Soooo guess who's listed as an expert on Tizkka? ME! 

That's right now you can ask me ANY style question and get an answer in REAL TIME! I am absolutely thrilled to offer any and all help to you lovely Fashion Gladiators! Give Tizkka a go! It's fully downloadable in the App Store. 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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