Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Desigual Accessories


I'll bet you didn't know that the uber fun and colorful brand I love so much with all my sparkly heart, Desigual, has great accessories did you? Well fashion honey, sweetie, chyle they DO! And I'm here to let you know that. They. Are. Wonderful. That's right shuga, just as wonderful as their clothes! 

Behold the scarf that was sent to me from the brand: 

I have one thing to say: Cirque. Du. Soleil. Period. This scarf was inspired by the riveting circus and it's color combinations speak to that. Cirque is known for its daring acts and brilliant costuming and makeup. Well dumplings Desigual did not disappoint with its rendition of the uber artistic circus. 

This scarf is not only full of color, it's full of eye popping effects. Just like its inspiration. Let's take another look:

And another: 

Look at those bright colors fashionistas! I do declare this a fashion victory. I'm giving this accessory four and three-quarter stiletto nails. Why? You may ask... First just look at all the colors that Desigual has managed to harmoniously get into this one scarf! It's a color power punch! You can literally wear it with anything. Secondly, there are 3-D accents that run throughout the scarf, acting as a superb embellishment. Fourth, er, no, third (yes, I can count. I was just a bit excited) is the feel of the fabric. 

One of the things I absolutely love about Desigual is its use of texture. The gold seems almost like a foil, while the scarf itself feels luxe. Like 300 thread count cotton against the skin on a lazy hazy Sunday morning. Yummy! That's right fashion gladiators, Desigual managed to effectively fuze different textures into one piece while making it affordable AND wearable. Brava!

I DID deduct one quarter of a stiletto for its one and only fashion faux pas: the beading could've been more secure. By the end of the day I'd lost one and my little fashion soul was almost crushed. I hate losing things! Especially accents on clothing. 

Desigual.com is the place to go for uber cute yet affordable digs. So make sure you goooooo gladiators and shop on! I'm going to 😉 

Where did I wear this fabulous yet comfy ensemble? Why, to the historic Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) of course! I thought it fitting to wear my fun find there because Frida spoke Spanish and Desigual is a Spanish brand. Although Frida was from Mexico. It's still utilizing Spanish people! 

Also, it was just awesome to experience and there had been no exhibit featuring Frida and her beloved Diego since he painted the famous murals that still reside at the DIA. I just had to go since I love Kahlo's work and admire her as a woman. Plus it allowed me to practice my Spanish. 

I ran into a group on Harajuku ANNND another Desigual wearer/lover while I was there. Awesome-sauce right? See the pics below... 

Fun and fashion,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 
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Cool huh? 

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