Thursday, October 29, 2015


Chanel-O Gladiators!

Ok, ok, ok, ok. Ok! I have a confession to make. Ahem! Just let me get a sip of my Fiji water out my pink queen chalice first... I'M IN LOVE WITH NAILS!!! I just had to shout it from the beauty mountaintop! 

I've always loved nails and made sure to keep mine polished. But, it's not just a matter of looks to me; it's about hygiene and grooming. Once upon a time my nails were long and strong, yet they peeled. I would just put a nail strenghtener on them like OPI Nail Envy and go about my merry way. Well, at some point my nails started to rebel and fall off. Literally. I believe this was due to hormonal inflections as a result of taking the pill. That thing did me NO favors and I'm totally against it today... 

Anywhoodle, polish started to peel or pop off like the old tinker bell polish back in the day the kids used. I'd always had an issue with the polish cracking (resembling the new crackle craze but unintentional) but this was ridiculous! As soon as I'd polish my nails the polish would come right off. I'd spend hours doing fabulous nail art only for them to be dunzo in a matter of hours. Or even seconds. 

Along with this rapid polish loss came excessive peeling. To the point where the layers of my nails had deteriorated and it hurt. I tried everything from OPI and Nailtiques to all natural products and nothing worked. Then I discovered gel nails. Or, should I say re-discovered them. My cousin has always been a die hard nail lover and she used to urge me to utilize tips due to the issues I've always had with weak nails while having an avid love of length and color. I have a beautiful long nailbed that curves. Unfortunately the curve means that nails are prone to break right at the curve point. 

Thus, I decided to give it one more whirl and a beauty star was born. ME! I've had some issues with tips and other things, which I'll share later but for the most part tips have changed my life. I mean it. They enhance my sense of beauty and give me my long sought after glamorous nails with as much length as I want. So while some condemn fake nails or say a naturalista that's a true naturalista wouldn't use them (yes someone told me this) please know that for some of us it's not a matter of a want; it's a need. Otherwise we might not be able to have groomed hands and nails. 

Sooooo I invite you to come on my nail journey with me. As I reclaim my nail love and power of iki. I'll get to more on that later... Let's see some nail sights and go on some nail adventures. I'll start with today NOTD or nails of the day. I've recently discovered shellac or gel nails and changed my nail shape to coffin nails just in time for Halloween. Although these nails I'm showing today are for during the month of October. Stay tuned for my actual Halloween nails. Oooo ahhhh.  

Later fun gladiators,
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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I never get my nails done without getting my feet done. Never have, never will. A cared for tootsie is a must! 

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