Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Happenings


It's been one busy week in Bloggerville here! Whew! This is Halloween weekend fun gladiators!!! Yaaaaay and on to the sparkly fun. I hope you all have a festive fall blast! In honor of this, one of my favorite holidays, I am packing in a posting punch with today's post. It's all about Halloween happenings. Take this beautiful life journey moment with me:

This week I received shipments from Bare Necessities lingerie and other great companies. I had no idea who it was from and the packaging itself was so gorge that I was positively convelling when I opened it: 

Isn't that just the best business savvy you've seen all year? Talk about a power punch! Personalized notes! Gotta love it! GOTTA LOVE IT! ❤️

What lay inside? These perfectly labeled confections:

Goody gumdrops I've died and gone to lingerie heaven. I tell you my dynamic duo (that's what I call my luscious pair) are anticipating the pink and lace support these bras stand to offer. Yes magenta, I'm tickled pink! Stay tuned for the review of the products. 

This week also ushered in a new brand correspondent role for me as part of the Elf Cosmetics Beauty Squad. Ironic this is, my good friend was just telling me I should try the fabulous products when the company contacted me asking me if I wanted to be a part of the Beauty Squad. I thought, "Why not?" It could be a whirlwind of a beauty adventure! Stay tuned for the review... 

I'm big into themed nails and this year is no different. I see Halloween as the most fun holiday and thought I'd add some Dahk-ness to the brew Dah-lings. So this year I've done a black coffin nail with a hint of multi color glitter for that extra little sparkly love. All products by OPI. 

Hold on now, wait for the coup de grat... 

Heeeey and kaboom! Matching pedi with the different color pumpkins no less! Won't she do it? 

This weeks Saturday Streetstyle goes to a lovely woman I saw while shopping for organic goods at Kroger. Yes Kroger sells organic foods. Ps yesterday was dashiki day, and I felt this spoke to African heritage well as a total well put together ensemble. 

Please note the gold. Ahem! #jotd (jewelry of the day)

But! Because it's Halloween I'm featuring another Streetstyle: 

Harajuku!!!! Goodness love em and bless their always dressing up fashion hearts! I spotted this crew out and about at the DIA while I was reviewing my Desigual scarf. Bless my always fashionable heart too. Please note the good sequined purse matches perfectly to the gold sequin shoes (we actually ARE in Kansas. Just kidding Toto. Ps if I had a Toto today it would be dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween. IJS.) 

Lastly, I'm going as a black Rosie the Riveter this year for Halloween. I won Miss Pin Up Perfection 2015 this year and just participated in the winning of and making the Guiness World Record for the most Rosie's at Willow Run Airport last week. So in keeping with the we were Rosie's spirit and dressing up, I'm going as good ole Rosie for Halloween (wearing my elf cosmetics for review). Yay! Stay tuned for the post on that ridiculously fun event. A lot of stay tuned's this post. Soooo just stay tuned for the stay tuned's... Er what's to come. Ha! 

I hope you have a great and safe holiday gladiators! 🎃
Otaymah, The Glamour Gladiator 

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